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Unveiling of the Hawk

Thanks to the generosity of the Classes of 2017 and 2018, we are proud to unveil a cast bronze sculpture of our mascot, the hawk. We were delighted that some alumni parents were able to join in the event. There was much cheering from the students body and now we can look forward to a competition to name the Hawk. If you happen to be near the Reiber Center, please stop and admire the lovely sculpture.
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Newton's Laws

Eighth grade students participated in a cross-curriculum project. In Health, as part of a study on marriage relationships, they each had to be responsible for caring and protecting a baby (a hard-boiled egg). Each baby had to be secured safely and securely in a car seat. The students put a great deal of thought in creating the car seat. In the second part of the project, Mr. Brown required the students to test the safety features of the car seat under stressful landing and accident conditions. The car seats were dropped from the roof (thank you, Mr. Reger) and the information on time of fall, velocity, mass and weight, force of impact, potential and kinetic energy and momentum had to be calculated. In the conclusion of the lab report, the students had to explain how Newton's three laws related to this egg drop project. VIEW VIMEO HERE.

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FortMcHenry_CamdenYards_field trip

On November 1, the 4th grade went on a fantastic field trip to Baltimore. They visited Oriole Park at Camden Yards and Fort McHenry where they got to see first hand the site of the Battle of Baltimore and the birthplace of the Star-Spangled Banner. As always, the tour guides and rangers were very impressed with our students’ behavior and knowledge! We are so proud of our 4th graders! Please view photo gallery here.
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States of Matter

Students in Mr. Brown’s 7th grade Chemistry classes are studying different states of matter. They are performing an experiment using popcorn In order to experience the transformation of a liquid to a gas. Adding heat to the un-popped corn results in the transformation and students are able to experience the effect on matter when heat is applied. Please view photo gallery here.

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