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Saving Stansburyville

Houses are being built in Stansburyville next to a mountain that looks like it may experience a landslide any day now. The engineers in 5th grade are in charge of keeping these citizens safe. Using 100 toothpicks, 10 mini-marshmallows and 4 gummy bears, our students have to build the most landslide-proof home possible. What a fun way to learn about environmental science. Please view photo gallery here.  

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All-School Communion Chapel

What a wonderful way to celebrate communion! Our school community came together at the Reiber Center to enjoy a spiritual time together. Rev. Leslie spoke to all and several members of the High School Prep division shared the story of the candy cane. As a small treat, every student received a candy cane. Mr. Pendleton was accompanied beautifully by the 4th graders who played their recorders and we also heard from bell ringers as they performed Go Now in Peace.  We are grateful for a community like ours where students, faculty and parents can join together to celebrate.  Please view photo gallery here.

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Outdoor Education_7th grade

The seventh graders participated in their Outdoor Education program at Echo Hill. Despite the frigid weather, the students made great efforts to get the most out of their adventures. They explored individual and group initiatives, investigated aquatic life in the Chesapeake Bay, tested their survival skills as they constructed a camp and much more. Kudos to their resilience to be the Best You. Please view photo gallery here.
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Typing Club

First grade students are beginning their Typing Club. The students learned where to find the portal on the computer, log in names and about finger positions on the keyboard. The students are starting with the Jungle Junior program!
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