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STEM Learning at Primary School

At Holy Trinity, we view STEM learning as the ways students apply their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics knowledge by suggesting solutions to real world issues; this work intentionally develops students’ critical thinking, collaboration, creative design, and communication skills.

First Graders are trying out Lightbot which is a coding program in www.abcya.com. This program is part of code.org. The students have enjoyed figuring out how to program the person! We have loved seeing their faces when they solve a problem and when they call out, “I got it!” Mind you, this game is located in Grade Four Skill Games in abcya! All of the first grade classes will have had a chance to work in Lightbot at least once by the end of next week! Ask your student to show you the activity! They can also explain how they program the bot to move! Second graders will be going to Lightbot in the next few weeks after they have completed other work in the lab.
Third graders are programming the Angry Bird in code.org while the 4th graders are introduced to block-based coding using the Lego Education curriculum and LegoWeDo kits. We are at the beginning stages but the students have embraced this unit with great enthusiasm.


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