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NSA Strega Nona Presentation

Instructors from the NSA met with First and Third Grader at the Primary School. Our First Grade children learned more about patterns in a thoughtful and fun consideration of how patterns work. Third Graders had a terrific introduction to cryptology! They were challenged to decode a secret message about where buried treasure was located and learned how logic and math help in code breaking.

The representatives from the NSA were most impressed with our children, and students on both grade levels were excited by the projects. They were totally engaged with the presentations. We are so happy to have the National Security Agency as partners in the education of our children this year. Their visits and interactive problem-solving lessons have been tremendously positive for children and adults!The seventh graders participated in their Outdoor Education program at Echo Hill. Despite the frigid weather, the students made great efforts to get the most out of their adventures. They explored individual and group initiatives, investigated aquatic life in the Chesapeake Bay, tested their survival skills as they constructed a camp and much more. Kudos to their resilience to be the Best You. Please view photo gallery here.


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