Tuition, 2017-2018
Discovery & Explorer (3 yrs. & 4 yrs. old by 9/1) -  $9,140
Kindergarten through Grade 4 -  $11,090
Grades 5 through 8 -  $12,820
(* does not include the $800.00 registration fee)

Application Fee (One-time fee)
A $75.00 application/testing fee must accompany each application for placement on an active screening/testing list. This fee is not refundable and is not credited toward tuition.

New Student Fee (one-time fee for each student)
As a requirement for the initial enrollment at Holy Trinity: An Episcopal School, each family must pay a $500 endowment fee, per newly enrolled child, by June 13th prior to the beginning of new school year.

Registration (Annual)
A $800 REGISTRATION FEE is due with registration and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Extended Day Program
Morning care begins at 7am and afternoon care ends at 6 pm. The plans are designed to meet the needs of the majority of our school families.
Please view the Extended Day page for fees and details about the program.

Family Service Program (Annual)
All school families are responsible for FIFTEEN (15) service hours during the school year. (For single-parent families, the requirement is 7.5 hours.) Attendance at HTSA and parent meetings counts for 1 hour per family. Volunteering for HTSA events, field trips and projects within the school are other ways to assist at  the school. In cases where parents/guardians, for various reasons, are unable to be involved, compensation fees of $20.00/service hour are assessed.

Other Fees (Annual)
Additional/optional fees may be collected throughout the school year for lunch, school pictures, yearbooks, field trips, and other special class activities. 

Financial Aid

A limited amount of financial aid is available through the Endowment Fund. Financial aid must be applied for annually and is available for Kindergarten through 8th grade. Application is made online through this link. On the NAIS website, go to the tab (I want to...) that is in the middle on the top of the page; select the drop box "Apply for financial aid" and on this screen page, select "Apply Now." Holy Trinity's code is 3989.

Holy Trinity is a non-profit organization totally dependent on tuition for educating each student, maintaining and improving the educational program, facilities, and supporting professional staff development.


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