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Faculty/Staff Directory


  • Michael S. Mullin-  Head of School
    B.S. Social Studies from West Chester University
    M.A. Educational Studies from Johns Hopkins University

  • Elisabeth Albaugh - Executive Assistant and Registrar
    B.A. from University of Maryland


  • Rosalyn Cruz - Director of Admissions
  • Jake Esposito - Admissions Assistant
    B.A. in History with a minor in Political Science from Towson University

  • Laykin Zarro - Director of Marketing & Communications
    Ph.D. from Australian National University, Australia
    B.S. from Adelaide University, Australia
  • John Reger - Chief Financial Officer
    B.S. from Frostburg State University
    Certified Public Accountant

  • Teresa Blades - Accounts Receivable
  • Evie Coles - High School Prep Administrative Assistant/Accounts Payable


  • Nicole Boynes - Executive Director of Development 
    M.A. Organizational Development/Human Resources from Johns Hopkins University
    B.A. Business Admin. from University of Mary Washington


  • Becky Williams - Director of Extended Day
    B.A. from Norfolk State University
    Certificate in Early Childhood Education from PGCC


  • Eric Anderson - Director of Technology
    B.S. from Washington College, Chestertown
  • Marianna Ashton - SIS/Database Manager
    B.A. English from College of Notre Dame
    M.A. Contemporary Communications from College of Notre Dame


  • John Sullivan - Director of Curriculum & Instruction
    B.A. History from UNC - Charlotte
    M.A. Teaching from Mt. St. Mary's University
    Graduate Certificate in School Administration & Supervision from Johns Hopkins University


  • Lesia Hickerson - Learning Resource Teacher
    B.S. from University of Maryland University College
    Licensed Educ. Therapist from Natl. Inst. of Learning Disabilities
    Professionally Certified Educational Therapist
  • Sara Hill - Learning Resource Teacher
    B.A. in Education from Clarion University
    Masters in Education in Reading from Bowling Green State University


  • Evan Luster - Athletics Director
    B. A from Franklin Pierce College
    M. S. from Springfield College



  • Juanita Nell - Head of The Daisy Lane School
    B.A. in Elementary Education from Howard University

  • Lauren Ghaemi - The Daisy Lane School Administrative Assistant

  • Marie Ahearn - Explorer Teacher
    B.A. in Political Science from Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  •  Laura Dennis - The Daisy Lane School Physical Education Teacher
  • B.S. from Towson University
  • Melissa Emery - Explorer Teacher
    B.A. in Psychology from Catholic University
  • Mary Hebert - Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
  • Katie Holson - Kindergarten Teacher
    B.S. in Family Studies from University of Maryland
  • JoAnn McCardell - Kindergarten Sacred Studies Teacher
    Towson State University
  • Tracy Papadopoulos - The Daisy Lane School Science Teacher
    B.A. from Oral Roberts University
    M.A. from University of Northern Iowa
  • Kimberly Schiebel - Kindergarten Teacher
    B. S. in Early Childhood Education  from Towson University
  • Sarah Stuckey - Media Specialist
    MS Library & Information Studies from Florida State University
  • Barbara Taylor - Discovery Teacher
  • Chelsea Tarver - Kindergarten Teaching Assistant
    B.A. in Human Relations from Trinity Washington University 
  • Courtney White - ExplorerTeaching Assistant
    Early Childhood Education Certificate PGCC
  • Jordan Wilson - Explorer Teaching Assistant
    Assoc. of Applied Sci. in Early Childhood Education from Prince Georges Community College
  • Jean Young - Discovery Teaching Assistant
  • Lucia Young - Kindergarten Spanish Teacher
    B.A. Education/Foreign Language from University of Maryland
PRIMARY SCHOOL (Grades 1-4): 
  • Karen Falk - Head of Primary School
    B.A. English and Education from State University of NY, Buffalo
    NY State Teaching Certificate
    Adv. Study and Prof. Devt. in School Leadership, Administration, Instruct. Methodology and Learning, and Curricula Studies

  • Julie Tickles - Primary School Administrative Assistant

  • Mary Baker - First Grade Teacher
    B.A. from Thomas Edison State College
    M.S. from Iona College
  • Sue Campbell - Fourth Grade Teacher
    B.S. Elem. Education from University of Maryland
  • Dianne Davison - Primary School Instructional Assistant
    B.S. from West Chester University In Health and Physical Education
  • Mary Beth Donovan - Fourth Grade Teacher
    B.A. in Early Childhood from Towson State University
    M.A. in Education from Johns Hopkins University
  • Stacey Duke - Fourth Grade Teacher
    B.S. from Howard University
    M.S. Journalism from Northwestern University
    ASCI Educator's Certificate
  • Jennifer Giles - Third Grade Teacher
    B.S. from Millersville University
    Adv. Prof. Certification from State of Maryland
  • Darcie Gingell-Manosa - Second Grade Teacher.
    B.A. in Elementary Education from King’s College, Wilkes-Barre
    M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction and TESOL from Phoenix University.
  • Christopher Johnson - Second Grade Teacher
    B.S. in Social Science from University of Maryland, College Park
  • Donna Kalkbrenner - First Grade Teacher
    Elementary Education and a M.A. in Education from Loyola College
  • Denise Knox - Third Grade Teacher
    B.S. Speech & Hearing from Ithaca College
    M.A. Hearing & Speech Science from SUNY Plattsburgh 
  • Kathy Love - Primary School Instructional Assistant
  • JoAnn McCardell - Sacred Studies Teacher
  • Towson State University
  • Rebecca Musliner - Primary School Instructional Assistant
    B.S. in Nursing from State University of New York at Binghamton
  • Amy Ocampos - Second Grade Teacher
    B.S. from Marquette University 
  • Randy Pendleton - Music Teacher
    B.S. Music Education from Bowie State University
  • Pam Polk - Media Specialist
    M.A. Educ. Curr. and Instruction from University of Kansas
    MD State Teacher's Certification
    Lic. Educ. Lang. Therapist with NILD
  • Narmeen Reger - Technology Teacher
    B.S. from Frostburg State University
    M.A. Liberal Studies from Georgetown University
  • Tina Sonde - First Grade Teacher
    B.S. from University of Maryland
  • Rhonda SwannPrimary School Instructional Assistant
    B.A. in Biology Pre-Med from Hampton University
    B.S. in Pharmacy from Howard University
  • Cathalene Symister-David - Third Grade Teacher
    B.S. Psychology from College of St. Mount St. Vincent
    M.A. in Reading from Trinity College
  • Marla Tolson - Art Teacher
    B. F.A. from Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington D.C
  • Cory Whittington - Physical Education Teacher
    B.S. Exercise Science and Coaching from Salisbury University
  • Sharon Winton - Science Teacher
    B.A. from Indiana University
    M.A. in Elementary Education from University of Maryland Baltimore County
    Ph.D. in Musical Arts from Catholic University.
  •  Lucia Young - Primary School Spanish Teacher
    B.A. Education/Foreign Language from University of Maryland  
HIGH SCHOOL PREP (Grades 5-8):
  • Gene Esposito - Head of High School Prep
    B.S. Education from State University of New York at Cortland
    M.A. Education and Human Development from George Washington University

  • Christina Zuleta - High School Prep Administrative Assistant
  • Evie Coles - Business Office/High School Prep Administrative Assistant

  •  Angelia Allen - 5th/6th Grade Social Studies Teacher
  • M.A. History from University of Virginia
  • Elizabeth Benefiel - High School Prep Math Teacher
    B. A. from Stanford University
    M. A. in  Education ((Curriculum and Instruction) from George Mason University
  • Elizabeth Bostick - 7th/8th Grade Spanish Teacher
    B.A. Modern Languages (French-Spanish) from University of Lancashire
  • Darius Brown - 7th/8th Grade Science Teacher
     BS in Biochemistry and Biopsychology from Mount St. Mary’s University
  • Ayanna Carter - High School Prep Math Teacher
    B.S. Education from Hiram College
  • Barbara Casey - 7th/8th Grade Social Studies Teacher
    B.A. from Bowie State University
    Teaching Certificate from Bowie State University
  • Antonio de la Pena - 5th/6th Grade Spanish Teacher
    B.A. and M.A. in History and Secondary Education from the University of Seville, Spain
  • Sara DelVillano - Band Director/5th/6th Grade Instrumental Music Teacher
    B. Mus. Ed. from Ithaca College
  • Dominic Ferragamo - 5th/6th/7th Grade Physical Education Teacher
    B.A. Communications from Salisbury University
  • Patricia Firmani - High School Prep Drama Director
  •  Evan Fistere - High School Prep Math Teacher
    B.S. Mathematics from University of Maryland
    B.A. Philosophy from University of Maryland
    M.A. Sec. Education from University of Maryland
  • Daniel Giordano - 7th Grade Language Arts/Literature Teacher
    B.A. from Loyola College
  • Brian Hollar - Band Director/7th/8th Grade Instrumental Music Teacher
    B.S. from West Chester University
  • Christine Kinlock - 8th Grade Literature Teacher
    B.A. English and Theater Studies from Wellesley College
  • Jennifer Mathiak - High School Prep Health/P.E.Teacher
    B.S. Earth Science from Eastern Michigan University
  • Sheila Robinson - 5th Grade Language Arts Teacher
  • B.A. Journalism from Auburn University
    Certificate in Elem. Educ. from College of Notre Dame of Maryland
  • Rebecca Stansbury - 5th/6th Science Teacher
    B. A. degree in Biology from St. Mary’s College of Maryland
  • Sarah Stuckey - Media Specialist
    MS Library & Information Studies from Florida State University
  • Alix Surber - 6th Grade Reading/LA Teacher
    B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies/English from Salisbury University
    M.A. in Teaching Secondary English from University of Maryland University College
  • Mavis Turner - High School Prep Art Teacher
    B.A. Art from West Liberty State College
  • Pat Wood - High School Prep Technology and 8th Grade Physical Education Teacher
    B.S. from Washington Bible College 

Holy Trinity does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, or national origin in the administration of its educational program, admission and financial aid policies, employment practices, or other school administered programs.

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