About HT

 Holy Trinity: An Episcopal School educates preschool through eighth grade students by offering a challenging, diverse, supportive, and safe environment where children can excel academically, artistically, athletically, and spiritually. The School encourages students to achieve excellence and embrace responsibility. Holy Trinity is dedicated to educating the whole child in a comprehensive, well-rounded program that lays the foundation for all children to reach their potential as they develop independent habits of mind as well as a lifelong passion for learning.

School Philosophy:
Holy Trinity’s program of study is intended to provide a well-rounded experience that will help children grow intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually. We appreciate that children are unique individuals with differing needs and gifts that must be nurtured and developed. Helping children recognize their talents and abilities in order to experience success in academic and social situations is the key to healthy self-esteem.
At the core of Holy Trinity curriculum is the individualized nature of each child’s education. Our faculty strives to connect with students, to know each child as a learner, and to effectively partner with parents to best encourage and foster the strengths of our students. Holy Trinity believes in educating the whole child and aims not only to teach core academic subjects, but also to emphasize athletics, the arts, community service, character development, and spirituality. Our commitment to the Anglican tradition of education, chapel services, community outreach, and faculty mentoring guide our children to be conscientious and responsible citizens. In the spirit of Christ, all members of the Holy Trinity community are expected to respect the dignity of fellow human beings.




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