Student Life

Athletics - Proud to be a Hawk

"Win with Integrity, Lose with Dignity!"  Athletics Director: Becky Lehnerd

Athletics is an extension of classroom instruction and is an effective avenue to teach students about character, discipline, teamwork, and benefits of a healthy body. Sports allow students to experience the challenges and celebrations of athletic competition at all levels. We recognize that athletes often acquire leadership skills on and off the playing field that serve them well into adulthood. At Holy Trinity, we support and encourage our students to be “The Best You” in the classroom and in sporting venues. Our athletic program has a “no cut” policy, so every student who comes out for a sport will find a spot at his/her appropriate developmental level.

Our players are student-athletes. They are required to maintain academic eligibility as explained in the Athletic Handbook.

Holy Trinity is a member of Metro Independent School Athletic League, and the Chesapeake Co-op (Anne Arundel County Independent/Private Schools). Teams also participate in a variety of tournaments in the area.

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