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Exploring Our Five Senses

The children in the Explorer class explored the fives senses this week. They made an “I Spy Bottle” filled with lots of rice and tiny things to find using our sense of sight. They read Yum, A Book About Taste. We had a taste test and tried out our sense of taste. We tasted something sweet (marshmallows), salty (pretzels), sour (lemon slice) and bitter (unsweetened baking chocolate). and had to sort pictures into the correct category: sweet, sour or salty. For listening, they took turns shaking the sound canisters and matching the picture with the sound. Then we continued using our sense of hearing with a worksheet called Noisy Kitchen. They practiced their sense of smell by sniffing various aromas on a cotton ball and tried to guess what each one was. They also graphed their favorite texture to touch and tried some touching experiments and matched different textures. For a special activity and treat, they used their eyes to watch popcorn popping, listened to the popcorn popping and smelled its delicious aroma too. Finally, they touched the popcorn and tasted its buttery goodness. YUM! Please view photo gallery here.


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