Sponsored Spelling

Help support the Holy Trinity Annual Sponsored Spelling

Each year students study a list of vocabulary words assigned by the grade level Reading/Language Arts/English teacher. Complexity and number of words vary by grade level. Students and parents study their list of words and solicit family and community supports for sponsorship pledges to correctly spell their assigned vocabulary list on the day of Sponsored Spelling.

Sponsored Spelling will be held on Friday, March 23, 2018

On the day of Sponsored Spelling students will write their list of words during their Reading/Language Arts/English class. Teachers will grade their tests and return them to the student and parent for pledge tally and submittal.

Parents and students collect sponsorship donations per their pledge sheet based upon the number of words spelled correctly.

The Holy Trinity Annual Sponsored Spelling was established to enable students to improve their vocabulary and provide resources to support our enrichment activities to include art, drama, athletics and technology.

We invite you to sponsor a student and help impact the lives of our students as they become their "Best You"!

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